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Choose Best Website Hosting

When it comes to deciding on which Website Hosting company to choose, you had better think very carefully and choose wisely.

It can be incredibly tempting to just search based on price alone, especially when the budget is tight. There are many factors to consider and although price is naturally important there are some that take higher precedence in the list of priorities.

  1. Shared hosting or dedicated server?
  2. VPS (virtual private server) or actual dedicated (standalone box) server?
  3. If shared hosting how fast is my page going to load, and will this effect my rankings in Google?
  4. How good is the control panel access for managing things like email addresses, database backup?
  5. Does the hosting company continually update their services or is the same old system they have had for year?

These and many other important issues are going to be discussed here in the following video.