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Great Content or More Backlinks To Rank Higher?

If we are to believe the information that is continually coming forth from the Google representative Matt Cutts, that all you need to do is create great content and Google will take care of your rankings, then you are in for a rude shock. I can think of countless situations where I have created the so called “great content” and then just left it to Google to come and get me to the top of the search engines for it. Didn’t happen, doesn’t happen and frankly the way the Google search engine algorithm in fundamentally wired can never happen.

Think about it for a moment.

If all anyone ever did was create great content and then left it up to Google to rank it in the search engines, how would they decide whose content deserved to be ranked at the top #1 position in the search results?

To better understand the point I am trying to make here, you need to see the real way Google see’s content. With all it’s intelligence and engineering brain power, Google still relies on human intelligence more than artificial intelligence to get the job done. It has been described as a popularity contest or a voting system. Popularity or votes are garnered from other websites or webpages to be specific, that have a relevant link pointing towards another webpage that boost that other page’s ranking in the search results. Now this is a pretty simplified version of how their algorithm works but it is at the core of why and how Google has risen to such untouchable prominence in the search engine stakes.

If you would like to see some live informative debate on this topic, “Great Content or More Backlinks” you may want to head on over to Jon Ledgers blog to hear what others have to say on this:


PS. In my next post I will explain what I have just done ; ) Stay tuned.


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