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Welcome to the Web10Min Support Helpdesk, please follow the process below to raise support tickets covering Web10Min and WordPress Video Training products.

Our support team will proactively help the customers of WordPress Video Training to resolve system problems, product related queries and provide expertise where needed to help our customers overcome any difficulties they may be experiencing. Our customers can report problems 24 hours a day and our team will respond usually within 2 working days.

Please Note:

The Support help desk is NOT a place to discuss techniques, methods or other product related comments. Any support ticket which covers these areas will be deleted without reply. Please use the dedicated product forum(s) for discussions and comments.

How To Get Support:

  1. Check FAQ‘s first to see if you have an instant answer to your problem
  2. If no answers are found Create a Support Ticket
  3. Or if you need to contact us directly, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The best place to start with support issues, is the FAQ or frequently asked questions area. In here you will find many answers to the questions that frequently come up in regards to getting the most out of the videos that we provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Support Tickets:

If after searching through the FAQ’s you still need to ask for help, then you can raise a Support Ticket. As a logged in member of our website you will already be registered for support, so all you need do is create a new ticket or view an existing ticket to find your answers.

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