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How To Install WordPress

Watch this video to be guided step by step with installation of WordPress on your own web hosting server.

Covered in this video:

  • Start by downloading the latest version of WordPress.
  • Next you will upload those files to your web server.
  • Then you will be creating a MySQL database and admin user.
  • Learn how to connect WordPress to you newly created database.
  • Finally completing the WordPress installation and setup.

Do you need more detailed instructions? Find more help here: WordPress Codex

In over you head? No problems – Really!

If you need someone to take over the task of all this WordPress installation stuff and updates, then there is help at hand. The good folks over at WP Engine are there to take all these burdens off your hands. They will install WordPress for you, keep it up to date with the latest WordPress software release (very important if you wish to keep your site safe from hackers!), they will keep it backed up nightly and monitor it for any suspicious malware and provide great support along the way. WordPress has never been easier than this!

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