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What Did I Do In My Last Post?

Ok if you have been following along with my last post, you would have picked up the idea of linking or backlinking as a way of boosting another website’s webpage up in the Google search results. I spoke in simple terms about how this process works to act as a vote for the other person’s website. You will notice that in that post I did just that, I linked my post to the Jon Ledger blog where there is a discussion going on right now on the very topic with which I post.

So you can see that I gave his blog post a vote or boost in popularity for the keyword – great content or more backlinks – which you can see in the image below, it is the part that is highlighted in orange. This is know as “Anchor Text” and is a very important part of the backlinking process. It is a way, probably one of the primary ways of alerting Google to the topic of that page you have linked to. So when the search algorithm see’s anchor text on a particular topic it is given a clue as to the type of content that is published on that web page. When Google sees enough of these links, it decides that the page being linked to in this fashion, is probably a good candidate for someone who is searching for information on – great content or more backlinks.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.48.37 PMAnother way of creating a link or backlink is to use an image, which I have done in this post by putting a link on the above image. If you click this image you will be taken to the Jon Ledger post on the topic. Now this type of link typically doesn’t tell Google as much about the page it is pointing to but this also makes up natural types of links that content on the internet seems to attract.

In my next post tomorrow, I will be talking about how to boost your rankings in Google by creating your own backlinks that point to your website, and how to implement a solution that is hands free and works like a charm. It is called SEO, but more on that topic tomorrow.


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